# Release Web Orders (WEBCART.E)

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Form Details
Form Details

Orders generated from the web based shopping cart are stored in the WEBCART file awaiting approval through the SO.E procedure. You can approve these orders by bringing up SO.E and entering the web order id to load the order into a sales order. After that the order is processed like any other sales order. To do this however you need a listing of web orders and have to key in each order number. WEBCART.E makes this process easier by displaying a list of all web orders pending approval in the WEBCART file. You can click on the "OK" button associated with a order to automatically launch the SO.E procedure and load the order id into the order number field. After you save the order the SO.E procedure will close automatically and return you to the WEBCART.E procedure so you can process additional orders.

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Version 8.10.57