# Rebate Control Table (REBATE.CONTROL)

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Form Details
Form Details

The REBATE.CONTROL procedure is used to define default information which will be used in creating customer rebates. Multiple types of rebates can be set-up with different frequencies. For example, you can set-up one type of rebate which will be added the invoice and another type which will be given at the end of each quarter. For "invoice" type rebates, the rebate amount will automatically be added to the invoice for you when the invoice is created via SHIP.E2 . For other types of rebates, reports can be created to determine the rebate amount the customer is entitled to for a given period.

Frequency of Use
The entries in this procedure must be set-up before the specific customer rebates can be defined in CUST.E .

The account numbers must exist in the GLCHART file. New account numbers can be created via GLCHART.E .

Version 8.10.57