# Sales and Marketing Update Processes

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COMM.P1 Purge Commission Records
COMM.P2 Mark Eligible Commissions as Paid
CONTACT.P1 Contact Cross-Reference Rebuild Process
CUST.P1 Rebuild Customer Name Cross-Reference
CUST.P2 Customer Merge Process
FAIL.P1 Update the Failure Statistics File
FAIL.P2 Purge Failure Statistics Records
PRICE.P1 Update Part Pricing
PROSPECT.P1 Rebuild Prospect Name Cross-Reference
PROSPECT.P2 Purge Prospect Records
REP.P2 Reload Reps in Customer and SO Files
RMA.P2 Purge RMA Records
RMAREC.P1 Post RMA Receipts
RMAREC.P2 Purge RMA Receipts
ROUTESHIP.P1 Create Shipment Delivery Routes
SALES.P1 Purge Sales Records
SALES.P2 Update Sales Analysis Inquiry Files
SHIP.P1 Post Shipments
SHIP.P2 Purge Shipment Records
SHIP.P3 Export Shipping Data
SHIP.P4 Import Shipping Data
SHIP.P5 Export Misc Shipping Data
SO.P1 Batch Create Shipments from Sales Orders
SO.P3 Rebuild Open Order Amount in Cust File
SO.P4 Purge Sales Order Records
SO.P5 Sales Order Commitment Process
SO.P6 Update Quick Lists
SO.P7 Mass Close Open Sales Orders
SOBOOK.P1 Purge Sales Order Booking Records
SOQUOTE.P2 Mass Close Open Sales Order Quotes
STAX.P1 Reload the Sales Tax Percent into the SO File

Version 8.10.57