# Create Shipment Routes (ROUTESHIP.P1)

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Form Details

The ROUTESHIP.P1 procedure is used to create shipment delivery routes in a batch mode. The only entry required is load date. When run, all delivery routes that are due to be loaded on this date (based upon the data in the ROUTE file) will be selected and will have a corresponding routeship record created with shipments for the customers on that route. An output report is produced, showing all routeshipments that were created. If a record already exists for that route#/load date, then a message on the report will indicate that.

The routeship records can be adjusted manually as needed using ROUTESHIP.E .

Frequency of Use
As required. This procedure could be run daily to automatically create each day's routeshipments.

ROUTE records must be created and shipments must exist.

Version 8.10.57