# Price Code Definition (PRICE.CONTROL)

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Form Details

The PRICE.CONTROL procedure is used to define the valid pricing codes which may be used within the system. Pricing codes appear in the customer master entry ( CUST.E ), sales order entry ( SO.E ) and price entry ( PRICE.E ). When a price code is assigned to a customer it indicates that the pricing used for products, as defined in the price file, for the customer will correspond to the prices setup for that code. If no code is specified, or a particluar part number does not have a price for the code, the standard price will be used. Price codes will default from the customer record into a sales order but may be changed on each order as required.

It is important that these entries be consistent over time. You should not delete a price code unless it is not currently being referenced in the system.

Frequency of Use
These entries are usually entered when the system is first being setup since they are required before some other procedures may be used. After the initial setup it is used as required to add new codes.


Version 8.10.57