# Open Sales Orders by Customer with Required Date (SO.R11)

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Form Details
Form Details

This report lists all of the sales orders with an open balance in customer sequence. You may limit the report to include only certain customers and sales order types.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Customer The name of the customer.
SO ID The sales order number.
SO Date The date on which the sales order was created.
Li# The sales order line item number.
Part Number The part number ordered.
Unit Price The unit price specified on the order.
Sch Date The scheduled ship date for the item.
Sch Qty The quantity scheduled to be shipped on the associated date.
Req Date The date on which the customer requested the items be shipped.
Shp Date The date on which any items actually shipped.
Ship Qty The quantity shipped on the associated date.
Early/Late The number of days the shipment was early, specified by a positive number, or the number of days late specified by a negative number.

Version 8.10.57