# RMA Receipt Traveler (Multi-line) (RMAREC.R2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The RMAREC.R2 procedure is used to create multi-line RMA receipt travelers. The multi-line receipt traveler shows all of the items on one page. To print travelers with one line item per page user RMAREC.R1 .

Frequency of Use
As receipts are entered into the system or as required.


Data Fields

Receipt Number The identification number of the receipt. This made up of the RMA number followed by a dash and a sequential number from the RMA.
Receipt Date The date the receipt was made as entered in the RMAREC.E or RMAREC.E2 procedure.
Customer No The number of the customer on the RMA.
Customer Name The name of the RMA customer.
Contact The name of the contact as entered on the RMA.
Li No The line item number on the RMA for the item received.
Part No The internal number of the part received.
Description The multi-line description of the item received.
Quantity The quantity of the items received.
Lot Number The lot number if any assigned to the items received.
Bin Number If the location the items were returned to is bin controlled this shows the bin number the items went into.
Serial No The serial numbers, if any, associated with the items received.
Problem Notes describing the problem reported and/or found with the items.
Corrective Action Notes defining the corrective action taken to correct problems.

Version 8.10.57