# Prospect Pipeline Report (PROSPECT.R5)

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Form Details
Form Details

The PROSPECT.R5 procedure is used to create a pipeline report based upon the status of Prospects. This report lists in prospect status, then name sequence. The user may select specific status codes and sales reps.

This report is in excess of 240 columns wide. It is intended to be used with the Grid Viewer or exported to Excel.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Status The status of the prospect.
Status Description The description of the status, as found in PROSPECT.CONTROL .
Name The name of the prospect.
City The city where the prospect is located.
State The state in which the prospect is located.
Date The date which the prospect was entered.
Rep The sales rep assigned to the prospect.
Rep Name The name of the sales rep, from the REP file.
Source The source of the prospect.
Stage The stage(s) as found in PROSPECT.E .
Units The number of units for each stage.
Ext Amount The extended price for each stage.
Est Close The estimated close of each stage.
Prob The estimated probability of close of each stage.
Stat The status of each stage.
Notes The header notes from PROSPECT.E .

Version 8.10.57