# Open Sales Order Listing by Customer (SO.R3)

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Form Details
Form Details

The SO.R3 procedure provides a listing of all open sales order items by customer. This listing will include shipments in a "N" (new or pending) status. The report is listed in sales order number sequence. You may limit the listing to specific customers and sales order type codes.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

SO ID The ID of the open sales order record.
Type The user defined sales order type code for the order.
Li# The line item numbers on the sales order.
Part# The part number associated with the line item.
Model Number The model number associated to the part.
Description The description of the open order item.
Rev The revision of the part on order.
Unit Price The unit price for the item.
Disc% The percentage discount to be applied to the unit price on invoices for the item.
Sch Date The dates on which the item is scheduled to be shipped.
Sch Qty The quantity to be shipped on the associated schedule date.

Version 8.10.57