# ACE Data Entry Procedures

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ACCOUNT.CONTROL Set Account Security
ATTACHMENT.CONTROL Define Folders for Attachments
BQ.E Define a Batch Queue
BS.E Define a Batch Service
CHANGE.CONTROL Change Control Entry Procedure
CLIENT.CONTROL Control Which Versions of the Client May Be Used
CO.CONTROL Enter Company Identification
FAX.CONTROL Fax Control Procedure
FDICT.E Define and Create File Dictionaries
FORM.CONTROL Forms Processing Control
LIID.E Enter Last Item ID Information
ME.CONTROL Editor Control Settings
MENU.E Enter Menu Definitions
MOD.E Log Program Modifications
PADEF.E Enter Process Alert Definitions
PALERT.E Enter Process Alerts
PD.E Define an Update Procedure
PD.E2 Copy Form Page
PD.E3 Copy Valid Entries
PRINTERS.E Define the Characteristics of a Printer
PRINTER.CONTROL Define Printer Queues
PURGE.CONTROL System Purge Controls
RD.E Report Definition Entry
REC.E View/Edit Record
SECURITY.E Define User Security Profile
SECURITY.E2 Update User Settings
SECURITY.E3 User Security for a Command
TCL.E Terminal Control Level Command Entry
TERM.CONTROL Terminal Control Template
TERMDEV.E Define the Characteristics of a Terminal

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