# Available Printers (PRINTER.CONTROL)

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Printer Type Assignment

The PRINTER.CONTROL procedure is used to assign printers to specific print queues on the system. Each printer (serial or parallel) which is present on the system is given a print queue number starting with zero (0), which is normally considered the default printer.

In all print procedures, the print queue ID entered is verified against this control record. Any print queue which is valid must be entered here.

Additionally, the printer width and depth may be established for each line. Normally, it is best to set these figures based upon the width of the actual paper in the printer, not the potential carraige size. This allows you to have narrow paper in a printer, and have the system automatically compress the print size to fit the paper.

The printing of a banner, containing the procedure name and user ID which executed the report, may also be set here.

To help prevent unwanted reports from being sent to the wrong printer, such as listings being sent to a forms printer, you may assign valid procedures to a printer number. Only those procedures identified will be able to be routed to the specified printer. If any procedure may have it's output sent, leave the valid procedure null.

Frequency of Use
Generally, this need only be done when the system is initially installed. It must also be changed whenever a printer is moved or added.

The printer ID must already be established in the Printers file.

Version 8.10.57