# Report Definition (RD.E)

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Form Details
Form Details

This procedure allows you to define reports which can be made available to other users. You specify information such as the file to be accessed, the data columns to be included, sort criteria and filters. You may also specify filters whose parameters are to be entered by the user at the time the report is run.

When the report definition is saved you are given the option of compiling the report. When this is done a standalone report procedure is created under the name you defined or, at your option, a name defined by the system. Access to this new report can then be granted through the standard security profile procedures. You may also add the report procedure to a menu using the MENU.E procedure.

Note: If required you may adjust the position of the prompts, if any, on the form using the Studio form designer. However, if you save the report again with this procedure any changes you made in Studio will be overwritten.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Version 8.10.57