# Procedure Definition Entry (PD.E)

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General Definitions
Screen Definitions
Association Definitions
Prompt Definitions
Label Definitions

The PD.E procedure is used to create or modify procedure definitions. Procedure definitions are data entry, report and inquiry screens. There are four screens available in the PD.E procedure.

Each prompt is defined in detail on screen 4, including the on- line helps which will be available to the user. Other charac- teristics of the prompt such as length, mininum input and valid entries are defined.

Once each prompt has been defined, they are placed in prompt sequence on screen two. Multiple screens are allowed to be defined.

Screen three contains the dataset relationships of fields which are related or associated with other fields such as schedule dates and quantities which are considered together.

Upon filing, the user can elect to compile the procedure which will verify the accuracy and completeness of the data entered. If the procedure compiles successfully, the user can also elect to create or update the formatted screen. Alternatively, the user may use the DS command (Draw Screen) to update or create screens.

Frequency of Use
As needed to create new or update existing screens.


Version 8.10.57