# Company Definition Entry (CO.CONTROL)

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The CO.CONTROL procedure is used to define company name and address information which will be used by the reports to generate headings. Additionally, there is a tab on the CO.CONTROL procedure to define company codes. These codes can be used to define individual "companies" within the same accounting system. If this method is used, then separate reports and agings can be run, even within the same data account. Generally, this method is used when separate accounting entities are required, but share the same order (Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc.) files.

Before using the system, at least one company code must be defined. In most cases, using "1" as a default company code is sufficient. If only one code is used, it will be defaulted into all data entry screens at the company code prompt.

Frequency of Use
Generally, this need only be done when the system is initially installed.


Version 8.10.57