# Security Profile Entry (SECURITY.E)

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The SECURITY.E procedure allows each user to be individually assigned security down to the procedure level. Additionally, each user may have a different set of security for each account on the system. Also identified is the user password which will be prompted for when the user initially logs in.

If procedure level security is desired, each procedure to which the user has access is entered in the command column. Additionally, update and retrieval security may be set, allowing the user to inquire, but not update certain procedures, or update, but not delete.

Any files to which the user is allowed access through the query language, or any other TCL command is defined under the Files column.

Groups of commands may be loaded by entering the name of a menu containing the desired commands. Individual adjustments can be made after the commands have been loaded. In addition, the presence of a menu name in a users security profile will allow additions made to the referenced menus available to the user at the time they are entered with MENU.E. The user entering the new information into the menu will be prompted to indicate which users will be granted access and what type of access will be made available.

Frequency of Use
Generally, this is setup for all users when the system is installed. Changes may be required as new procedures are introduced, or as a user is given new tasks.

The entries made here will not take effect until the account has been secured with ACCOUNT.CONTROL.

Version 8.10.57