# Engineering Reports and Inquiries

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BOM.R1 Bill of Material Listing
BOM.R2 Costed Bill of Material Listing
BOM.R3 Multi-Level Bill of Material Listing
BOM.R4 Costed Multi-Level Bill of Material Listing
BOM.R5 Bill of Material Mass Change Report
BOM.R6 Bill of Material Comparison Report
BOM.R7 ECN Requirements for an Assembly
BOM.R8 Critical Path Report
BOM.R9 Bills of Material With Circular References
BOM.R10 Costed Multi-Level Bill of Material Comparison to Average
CAT.R1 Category Listing
COST.R1 Cost Listing
ECN.F1 Engineering Change Notice Form
ECN.R1 Engineering Change Notice Report
ECN.R2 ECNs Not Posted - Signoff Requirements
PARTS.L1 Print Part Barcode Labels
PARTS.R1 Parts Master Listing
PARTS.R2 Parts Master Listing by Cat, ABC
PARTS.R3 Parts Listing by ABC with On-hand and Cost
PARTS.R5 Parts Listing of Items with no Standard Cost
PRODCON.R1 Product Configuration Listing
PRODCON.R2 Detailed Product Configuration Listing
PRODCON.R3 Indented Product Configuration Listing
WU.Q Where Used Inquiry
WU.Q2 Where Used End Item Inquiry
WU.R1 Where Used Listing
WU.R2 Multi-Level Where Used Listing

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