# G/L Transaction Reversal (GLTRANS.E2)

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Form Details

The GLTRANS.E2 procedure is used to reverse journal entries preivously posted in the General Ledger module. By entering the number of the journal (transaction) entry to be reversed, the system loads that previous record with all signs reversed. The transaction may not be modified and will cause a complete reversal of the original transaction. The is the method which must be used to address erroneous journal entries which have been posted.

Please note that if the journal entry you wish to reverse was created via GLTRANS.E and has not been posted, you can edit or delete the journal entry via GLTRANS.E . If the journal entry was system generated via GLINT.P1 , you cannot delete it in GLTRANS.E . Instead you will need to post the journal entry and then use GLTRANS.E2 to reverse it.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The record to be reversed must exist in the GLTRANS file. The fiscal year must have been defined in the FY.E procedure and the account numbers must have been defined by the GLCHART.E process.

Version 8.10.57