# G/L Fiscal Date Entry (FY.E)

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Form Details

The FY.E procedure is used to enter fiscal year information which will define the periods to be used by the general ledger module. One record must be defined for each fiscal year, keyed by the letters 'FY' followed by the four digit year (e.g. FY1991). The periods are completely user defined and there may be any number of periods defined for a fiscal year. After the entry of each period's end date, the start date of the next period is automatically defaulted. The one restriction is that each period start must be the day after the prior period's end date.

Frequency of Use
When first implementing the general ledger module, all fiscal years for which history will be entered and the current fiscal year must be created. Prior to closing a fiscal year, the next year must be defined.


Version 8.10.57