# Bank Reconciliation (RECON.E)

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# Adjustments

Adj Date Enter the date for the adjustment to be entered. Entries made on this tab should reflect debits/credits that were referenced on the bank statement but were not entered into the system as a cash or check record. If, for example, the bank paid you interest on the account, you could either create a cash entry via CASH.E3 to reflect the deposit or you could create a manual journal entry via GLTRANS.E to track the deposit. If you create the cash entry, the deposit will be loaded into this record for you as deposit. If you create the journal entry, the deposit will not be loaded into this procedure for you and you will need to make an entry on the adjustment tab in order to reconcile the bank statement.

Adj Account Enter the g/l account number that the adjustment amount should be applied to. This is not a required field. However, if you will be creating a journal entry from this procedure, the account number should be entered.

Adj Desc Enter the description of the adjusment being made.

Adj Amt Enter the amount of the adjustment being made to the cash/bank account entered on the header tab. If the amount represents a deduction and/or credit amount, it should be entered as a negative number. If the amount represents a debit and/or deposit amount, it should be entered as a positive number.

Journal Amount This field contains the amount that will be posted to the journal entry for the associated g/l account number. This field is updated for you and cannot be changed manually.

Example: You enter a credit of 10,000 in the cash account column to reduce the balance in the cash account by 10,000. The amount in this column will show a debit of 10,000.00. If you create a journal entry, the amount posted to the associated g/l account will be a debit of 10,000.00.

Total Adjustments This field contains the total of the adjustment amount column.

Create Journal Select this option if you wish to create a journal entry for the adjustments made on this page. This option should only be selected when all adjustments have been entered. When this option is selected, GLTRANS.E will be opened for you and the accounts and amounts will be loaded into the screen. If only one cash account has been entered on the HEADER tab, it will be used as the offsetting account. If more than one cash account has been entered, you will need to manually enter the offsetting accounts in GLTRANS.E .

If a journal entry was previously created for this recon id it will be opened for you in GLTRANS.E . If the journal entry is only hold, you may adjust the journal entry as required. If the entry has already been posted, you will need to create a new journal to make adjustments.

Gltrans Id This field displays the journal/GLTRANS number that was created for this recon id. It is dsiplayed for reference only and cannot be changed.

Total Journal Amount

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