# Create Journal Entries from Transaction Registers (GLINT.P1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The GLINT.P1 procedure is used to interface all or selected modules into the General Ledger module. The process selects all register records for the requested modules (e.g. APREG for Accounts Payable) and summarizes them into the GLINT file. The record key for this file is made up as follows :

Module * Year * Period * Account number

As each record in the register file is processed, a GL post date is written into the record to allow future purging of the file and to disallow reposting of these records accidentally. For this reason, it is possible to run the GLINT.P1 procedure more than once for any given fiscal period without double posting the amounts.

You have the option to include or exclude register records which were created for periods that have been closed. If you include these items, you can change the date on the gltrans (journal entry) record to an open period if required.

Frequency of Use
Generally, this procedure is performed as part of each month end.

Setup of the GL.CONTROL record ( GL.CONTROL ) and the establishment of a fiscal year via the FY.E procedure.

Version 8.10.57