# Document Control Settings (DOC.CONTROL)

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Form Details
Form Details

This control procedure is used to define the settings for the Document control module.

Required to be defined here is at least one Admin user under the Security section. In addition, all four folder types must be defined - Current, Pending, Prior, and Publish as well as the Transfer Folder.

Optional entries are: document categories and the options for Sending Signoff Notifications and Convert to PDF when publishing.

If documents are to be edited by other users, then those users will need to be listed in the Security section with Editor as their User Role. If certain users are to be signing off on documents, then their userids need to be added also to the Security section and they need to be assigned a signoff type, as defined in the Signoff type list.

Documents are created by Admin users in DOC.E and can be viewed by editors and signers in DOC.E2 . DOC.Q is used for searching and displaying documents. If general users (that are not defined here) are given view access to DOC.Q , then they will be able to view published documents.

If the Send Signoff Notifications box is checked, this will happen as follows:
1. When a pending revision is started, editors will be notified.
2. When an editor is added to an existing document in a pending revision or signoff status, the editor will be notified.
3. When a document is changed to signoff status, the signers will be notified. Only those signers who are not dependent on another signer will be notified at this step.
4. When a document is signed off by one of the approvers, the admin user(s) will be notified. Additionally, if another signer is dependent on that signoff, that person will be notified.
5. When a document has been fully signed off, the admin user(s) will be notified.

Frequency of Use
At system setup or when changing server names or file structures. Also, when adding or changing users of the document system.

File paths on the server must be created.

Version 8.10.57