# Work Order Entry Defaults (WO.CONTROL)

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The WO.CONTROL procedure is used to define default information which will be used by the work order entry procedure ( WO.E ). The information entered in this procedure is loaded into the corresponding fields on new work orders so that the same information does not have to be entered on every order. The user has the option of changing any of these defaults after they are loaded.

In addition to the default fields there are several account number fields which must be defined so that the cost accounting functions will operate properly. If you are operating at standard cost you must define account numbers for all of these fields. If average cost is used then only the Completion Variance account needs to be defined.

Frequency of Use
The entries in this procedure must be loaded prior to using any of the other procedures in the Production Module. This is usually done as part of setting up the system. The entries may be changed after that time as required.

The receiving, stocking and PO locations must have been previously defined in the Inventory Location file ( INVLOC.E ), as well as the terms code to be referenced.

Version 8.10.57