# Capacity Requirements Planning Inquiry (CRP.Q)

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Form Details
Work Centers

The CRP.Q procedure provides an inquiry of the status of production capacity for each work center included in the capacity plan as defined in the CRP.CONTROL procedure.

The user controls the type of periods displayed (Day, Week, Month) and how many. The information displayed for each period includes the capacity, currently scheduled hours, what if hours, net available hours and the percentage over or under capacity. A bar chart showing this information is also displayed. In addition, detailed information about the currently scheduled hours is displayed with links to the related master record such as a work order.

The information is displayed by period and by individual date and includes the available capacity, the capacity required and the capacity available. The items, such as work orders, that require the capacity are also shown.

The user may initiate a "What If" inquiry to see what the impact will be on capacity if the job is added. the user specifies quantity and due date and a part number or quote number.

Work center and employee hours are also displayed and may be changed to see their affect on capacity. These changes may be saved to thier respective master files if desired.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Version 8.10.57