# Convert Inventory (IT.E4)

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Form Details
Form Details

The IT.E4 procedure is used to convert one or more part numbers into one or more different part numbers without creating a work order. The operator enters the part number(s) to be created, quantities, and locations. For each part a ratio must be entered that will represent the portion of the cost assigned to this part from the total costs of the parts consumed. Total ratio of all parts created must be 100%.

The part number(s) consumed must be entered, along with the quantities and locations. If any inventory will go negative, a warning message is given if negatives are allowed, otherwise the transaction will get an error.

When the operator's entry is filed the system creates an inventory transaction for each part consumed, moving the quantity to an adjustment location. For each part created, it's quantity is moved from the same adjustment location. The total costs of the parts consumed are assigned to the parts created according to the ratios and quantities entered.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of valid inventory locations ( INVLOC.E ) and assignment of the conversion adjustment location in INV.CONTROL .

Version 8.10.57