# Generate Forecast (FORECAST.E)

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Form Details

The FORECAST.E procedure is used to generate a forecast which will be used in the planning process. The user may load a calculated forecast based upon sales or usage. If the forecast is based on more than one historical year, the forecast quantity that is loaded into the screen for the user will be the total quantity sold or used for each period divided by the number of historical years. For example, if the forecast is based on two years of sales and the total sold in January for each year was 10, the forecast quantity would, also, be 10. The calculation would be 10 (qty sold in year 1) + 10 (qty sold in year 2) divided by 2 (number of historical years.

Once the forecast is loaded on the screen, changes may be made to any figures on the screen, with the exception of the "original quantity" field. This field contains the originally calculated forecast and can be used to "refresh" the data to it's original state. To change the forecast for a period, the "factor" field may be updated. For example, when originally loaded, the factor is set to 100 (100%). Changing the column factor to 200 will double the forecast for that period.

This procedure can load figures into the SF (Sales Forecast) file, the ID (Independent Demand) file or the MS (Master Schedule) file. Once loaded, the figures can be manually changed using the data entry procedures provided for those files (e.g. SF.E , ID.E and MS.E ).

Frequency of Use
As required.

Part numbers must be defined in PARTS.E .

Version 8.10.57