# Sales Forecast Entry (SF.E)

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Form Details

The SF.E procedure is used to define Sales Forecast items used in the MPS planning process. The sales forecast defines anticipated sales of a product. Using SF.E you lay-out the forecasted sales dates and quantities for the item. Sales forecast items will be consumed by actual sales orders. For example, if you enter a forecast of 100 units and enter a sales order for 50 units, the mps procedures will show 50 pcs as forecast and 50 pcs as demand. If no sales order was entered, you would see a 100 pc forecast.

Please note that sales forecast, like sales orders, will never drive demand down to mrp. Demand is driven to mrp by the creation of a work order and/or master schedule item. This allows you to determine when demand should be driven down to mrp and in what periods rather than basing that directly on a sales order or forecast item.

Sales forecast items may also be created automatically based on planning planning bills. (See PB.E and PB.P1 )

Frequency of Use
As required.

Part numbers must be defined in PARTS.E .

Version 8.10.57