# Enter Financial Report Frameworks (GLRPT.E)

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The GLRPT.E procedure is used to define financial reports which are to be generated by the general ledger module. These reports derive data directly from the GLBAL file and are completely user- defined. The basic concept of this method of report definition is to provide the user with the ability to define what will be the format of their report. In this procedure, the user defines columns which are to appear on the report, based upon the available options. Among those options are current year actual, current year budget, prior year actual, prior year budget, etc. Once the type of column is defined, lines are added to the report which define the account numbers which are to be processed or printed. The user may, optionally, print an account number and balance for each account number on file, limit the printing to only summary balances, carry grand totals, etc. The following codes are available to help control the printing of account numbers and balances:

PAGE - Perform a page eject
BLANK - Print a blank line
LINE - Print an underline beneath each amount column
DLINE - Print a double underline beneath each amount column
RESET - Reset a selected running total
SIGN - Sets a flag to reverse the signs on all subsequent amounts
INDENT - Indent the account number / description column by one position
UNDENT - Move the account number / description column back to the left by one position
TOTAL - Print the current running total for all columns
null - The user may enter any miscellenous description for the purposes of headings
account number - Process the amount of the account

Frequency of Use
As required.

The fiscal year must have been defined in the FY.E procedure and the account numbers must have been defined by the GLCHART.E process.

Version 8.10.57