# Shipment Entry (SHIP.E)

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The SHIP.E procedure is used to enter shipments against existing sales orders in the system. This procedure can both create new shipments from a sales order, or update existing shipment records created by either this SHIP.E procedure or the SO.P1 procedure which creates shipment records for all sales orders with ship due dates in a requested range.

Typically, the requested ship quantity will be entered in this screen, the shipping picklist printed, and then the actual quantity shipped would be entered in the SHIP.E2 procedure which confirms shipments. Ship records may be deleted in this procedure, provided no line items have been updated through the SHIP.E2 procedure.

No inventory movements occur as a result of this procedure.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Initialization of the marketing control record ( MRK.CONTROL ), entry of the required inventory locations and creation of sales orders.

Version 8.10.57