# Refund Check Entry (CHECKS.E4)

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Form Details
Form Details

The CHECKS.E4 procedure is used to enter hand checks into the system for the purpose of sending a refund to a customer for outstanding credit memos. The procedure consists of one screen and is keyed by the check number.

The check amount must equal the distribution amount and equal the absolute value of the total A/R credit memo amounts.

When filed, the AR records are updated with the check information and a debit memo is created in the AR file. ARREG (AR register) and APREG (AP register) records are created.

You may, also, print the check on a laser based check form from this procedure. The A/R credit memos will not print on the check.

An existing check record cannot be changed. CHECKS.E must be used to delete the record, if necessary. If deleted, the credit memos and debit memo will not be reopened. If you delete records from a prior fiscal/calendar period and you re-run your check reports for those periods, the reports will not match the reports you ran earlier for those periods.

Frequency of Use
As required to process refund checks.

Initialization of the Accounts Payable control record ( AP.CONTROL ), the Accounts Receivable control record ( AR.CONTROL ) and entry of the customer record to be referenced. The credit memos to be closed must exist in the AR file.

Version 8.10.57