# Refund Check Entry (CHECKS.E4)

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Check# Enter the number of the hand check which you are logging into the system. As checks should already have been manually prepared, you must enter a check number. No changes are allowed to an existing check record, for audit purposes. If a refund check needs to be deleted, it should be done through CHECKS.E . If deleted, the original AR credit memos will not be reopened.

Co Code Enter the company code for this check. The company code must be pre-defined in the CO.CONTROL procedure. If only one code exists, it will automatically be inserted into this procedure for you.

Match Co Code Check this box if the company code posted to the AR records needs to match the company code entered in this procedure.

Check Date Enter the date which appears on the check.

Void Date The date this check was voided. It is displayed here for reference only and cannot be changed.

Status Displays the current status of the check. This may be one of the following:
Posted - Check has been created and posted.
Voided - Check has been voided.
Stopped - Payment on the check has been stopped.
Cleared - Payment has cleared the bank.

Cust Id Enter the customer number that will be receiving the refund check. This cust# will be used to create the debit memo in the AR file.

Name Enter the name of the customer for which you are creating a check. If this field is left blank and there is a customer number present, the name in the customer file will be used.

Address Enter the address of the customer for which you are creating a check. If this field is left blank and there is a customer number present, the address in the customer file will be used.

Notes Enter any notes applicable to this check. The first line, up to 16 characters, will be printed on the check stub.

Check.Amt Enter the amount for which the check was issued. This is the actual amount paid by the check.

Disb.Acct# Enter the G/L account number from which this check is being paid. This account number is defaulted from the AP.CONTROL record and may be changed if desired.

Disb Acct Desc

AR IDs Enter the AR records which were paid by this check. This field is associated with the AR amounts field. If you wish to load all open AR credit items for this customer, press the help key.

AR.Amounts Enter the amounts for each AR record which is being paid by this check. The amount which defaults in this field is the balance of the AR item. This may be changed to an amount less than the balance, but never greater. The amount will be a negative number for the refund.

Total AR The total amount of the AR items specified. This is used to display the running total of the items being paid.

Expense Acct Enter the miscellaneous account(s) that will offset the credit memos. This will be used when creating the AR debit memo.

Exp Acct Desc This field contains the description of the GL account.

Expense Amount Enter the expense amount for the associated account number.

Total Misc Amount This field is the total of all of the amounts listed above. It must be equal to the absolute value of the total AR credit memo amounts.

Version 8.10.57