# Inventory Usage Update (USAGE.P1)

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Form Details

The USAGE.P1 procedure updates the Usage History file (USAGE) with the accumulated usage for the period specified. The operator must specify the first and last day of the month for which the accumulation is to be performed. This procedure can only be run for one month at a time.

There is a "run for previous month" check box that, when checked, allows the procedure to run for the month immediately prior to the dates entered. This is meant to be used when running the USAGE.P1 procedure as part of the nightly update process. Normally, you do not want to run this procedure during the current month, as it may skew the statistics. Therefore, placing this into the nightly process and checking the box will cause the procedure to run every night. The intent is to alleviate having to remember to run it after each month.

The procedure selects all of the inventory transactions (IT) which occured during the month specified and determines which of them constitute a usage of material. The procedures considers usage to be any transaction which moved materials from a physical to a non-physical location. This includes movements to work orders and shipments, it does not include transactions created by debits against purchase order receipts since those transactions constitute a return rather than a consumption of the materials. Also not included are records generated as a result of a cycle or physical inventory.

All months currently maintained which are in excess of the number of months defined in the INV.CONTROL record will be dropped.

Frequency of Use
This procedure should be run at the end of each month after all inventory transactions have been entered It is usually included in the month end batch processing queue.

All of the inventory transactions for the period should be entered prior to running this procedure.

Version 8.10.57