# Work Order Completion Entry (ST.E4)

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Shop Transaction ID The shop transaction ID does not appear on the screen and is assigned to each item entered when it is processed after filing.

Work Order Enter the number of the work order against which the transaction took place.

Assembly Number This field contains the assembly number for the work order entered. This field is for display only and may not be changed.

Quantity Enter the quantity of items completed or scrapped.

From Oper Enter the operation from which the items were moved. The operation number must match one of the operations listed in the routing for the work order. As a convenience the last operation on the routing is loaded into this field since completion transactions usually occur from that operation.

From Work Center The from work center ID is loaded in this field when a from operation is entered. The work center ID is retrieved from the routing for the work order based on the operation number.

To Inventory Enter the inventory location into which the items are being moved. If the location is defined as a scrap location the scrap dollars on the work order will be updated, otherwise the completion dollars are updated.

To Work Order If the inventory location entered was a "WO" type location then enter the work order into which the items were transferred.

Lot ID If the item being completed is lot controlled then enter the lot number to be assigned to the parts. You may enter an existing lot number provided it is for the same part number or you may enter a new lot number. If you leave this field blank then the next sequential lot number will be assigned.

Bin Number Enter the bin number into which the product is being placed. This field will only be used when the inventory location is set to bin control.

Version 8.10.57