# Customer Sales Report with Cost Break-Down (SALES.R26)

Read Time: 3 minute(s)


Job ID Enter a unique ID if you wish to enter and save the parameters to this procedure for future use. If you only need to run the procedure and do not want to save your entry then you may leave this field empty.

Destination Select the destination for the output from this procedure.

Process Select the method to be used for processing the report. Foreground is always available and must be used when output is directed to anything other than a system printer (i.e. printers spooled through the database on the host computer.) Depending on your setup there may be various batch process queues available in the list that allow you to submit the job for processing in the background or at a predefined time such as overnight. A system printer must be specified when using these queues.

Format Select the format for the output. The availability of other formats depends on what is allowed by each procedure. Possible formats include Text, Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, Comma delimited and Tab delimited.

Layout You may indicate the layout of the printed page by specifying the appropriate setting in this field. Set the value to Portrait if the page is to be oriented with the shorter dimension (usually 8.5 inches) at the top or Landscape if the longer dimension (usually 11 inches) is to be at the top. Portrait will always be available but Landscape is dependent on the output destination and may not be available in all cases.

Copies Enter the number of copies to be printed.

Run Process Click on the button to run the process. This performs the save function which may also be activated by clicking the save button in the tool bar or pressing the F9 key or Ctrl+S.

Start Date Enter the starting date to be used in this report.

End Date Enter the ending date to be used in this report.

Use Current Std Check this box, if you wish to use the current standard costs posted to the COST record and not the cost that was posted to the SALES record at the time the transaction occurred.

Cost Group Enter the cost group to be used when using the current standard cost in this report. The cost group must be defined in the INV.CONTROL procedure. Leave blank if using the actual sales cost.

Report Type Enter the type of report you wish to run:

1. Prints a detailed report of the sales and cost per part number. (Default)
2. Prints a summary of the sales and cost per part number.
3. Prints a summary of the sales and cost per category.

Customer Number Enter the customer number(s) you wish to run this report for. If left blank, all customers will be included.

Customer Name The name of the associated customer.

Category Enter the categories of parts you wish to run this report for. If left blank, all categories will be included.

Last Status Message Contains the last status message generated by the program.

Last Status Date The date on which the last status message was generated.

Last Status Time The time at which the last status message was generated.

Version 8.10.57