# Enter Warranty Information (WARR.E)

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ID Enter the warranty registration number. If you leave this field null, a sequential number will be assigned.

Serial Enter the serial number for the part under warranty. The information will be displayed from the serial file for reference.

Name Enter the name of the end user. Normally, this will be the person, or company, which sent in the warranty card.

Address Enter the address of the end user. This is a free form field. However, it is recommended that the last line be the city, state and zip code. The system will attempt to parse this data and place it into the sort fields.

Sort.City The city in which the warranteed part is located.

Sort State The state in which the warranteed part is located.

Sort.Zip The zip code of the customer/user. This field is originally loaded from the address field, but may be manually entered or changed as required.

Expire Date The date on which the warranty will expire.

Notes Enter any notes you wish.

Part Number The part number, as read from the serial file.

Part Description The description of the part, as read from the parts master file.

Doc Type The type of document which originally updated the serial file.

Doc Number The number of the document which originally updated the serial file (e.g. shipment number).

Doc Date The date of the associated document.

Customer The customer number on the original document. This will normally be the dealer or distributor to which the part was originally shipped.

Ship Address The original ship address on the associated document.

Version 8.10.57