# Reverse Posted RMA Receipts (RMAREC.E3)

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# Line Items

Li No Contains the line item associated with the item received.

Part Id Contains the part number of the item being received.

Description Contains the description of the item being received as defined in the RMA.E procedure.

Unit Price The unit price of the items received.

Price Per The price per factor of the items received.

Unit Disc Amt Discount applied to the price.

Disc Percent The percentage discount applied to the price.

Return Loc The inventory location into which the items were received.

CG Loc The cost of goods sold location from which the items were received.

Sales Account The sales account number associated with the items received.

Quantity The quantities of the items received associated with the lot number and bin location into which they were received.

Lot Number The lot numbers of each of the items received.

Bin If the return location is bin controlled then the bins numbers into which the items were received are listed in this field.

WO ID Displays the work order number associated with the quantity received. It may not be updated.

Serial No A list of all the serial numbers received on the line item.

Failure Date The date recorded as the failure date for the items received.

Ship Date The date recorded as the original shipment date of the items.

Failure Code All of the failure codes associated with the items received.

Failure Count The number of items received that were found to have the failure characteristics identified by the associated failure code.

Problem Contains a description of the problem with the units returned.

Corr Action Contains the corrective action to be taken on the returned units.

Version 8.10.57