# Mass Email (MASS.EMAIL)

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** ** Automatically skipped. No record ID is required.

Source If you want to populate the list of email recipients automatically select the source to use in this field and click on the "Load" button.

Ignore Opt-out Check this box if you want the system to ignore the opt-out flag on the customer record and load the email contact anyway. If you have already clicked the load button you will have to do so again after checking or unchecking this box.

Load Click this button to load the email addresses from the source file specified. If the source field is blank clicking this button will cause any email addresses in the list to be cleared.

Sender Address Enter the email address that is to appear as the sender on the emails that are generated. This will be defaulted from the entry in MAIL.CONTROL. If left blank the MAIL.CONTROL entry will be used. Note: Entering a ficticious email address or an address that does not belong to the email server specified in MAIL.CONTROL may increase the chance that the recipients mail server may reject the email or flag it as junk mail.

Attachments Enter the full path to each file that is to be attached to the email.

Open Attachment Click this button to open the associated attachment.

Delete Attachment Click this button to remove the associated attachment.

Browse Click this button to open a file browser to find and load the path of an attachment. The path to the file selected will be loaded into the next empty row. To delete an entry use the F12 key.

Subject Enter the text that is to appear in the subject line of the email.

Body Enter the text that is to appear in the body of the email.

Send Click this button to send emails to the recipients specified.

Master Include Clicking on this check box will cause the check boxes associated with each entry to be checked or unchecked based on the result of clicking on this check box. For example, if the checkbox was currently checked and you clicked on it causing it to be unchecked, all of the checkboxes next to each email address would be unchecked.

Recipient Email Address This field contains all of the email addresses that will be recipients of the email being sent. This field may be automatically loaded by selecting a source and clicking the load button. Entries may also be added manually.

Recipient Name If the email address was loaded automatically this field will contain the name of the person associated with the email address.

Recipient Company If the email address was automatically loaded this field will contain the name of the company associated with the email if available.

Delete Recipient Click this button to remove the associated email recipient.

Include Recipient If this box is checked the email will be sent to the associated recipient.

Version 8.10.57