# Inventory Balance as of a Specific Date (INV.R14)

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Form Details
Form Details

The purpose of INV.R14 is to give you an estimate of the inventory balance as of a certain date. This report will be less accurate the more inventory transactions are back-dated and the more cost adjustments are made independent of inventory transactions. The process examines inventory transactions to determine what the closing balance would have been for each part number on the date specified. You can choose to sort the report by category or location and limit the report to include only specific categories and locations. You also have the option of suppressing items that have a zero balance to reduce the size of the report.

Note: You can only run this report for as far back as you have inventory transaction history available in the IT file. This should be kept in mind when running purges against the IT file.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Part Number The part numbers of all the inventory items.
Description The description of the part number.
CAT The category code associated with the part.
UM The inventory stocking unit of measure.
Unit Cost The unit cost of the part as of the cutoff date.
Quantity The inventory balance as of the cutoff date.
Ext Cost The extended cost of the inventory (Quantity X Unit Cost).

Version 8.10.57