# Lot Entry (LOT.E)

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# Used by Current Lot

Lot Used Contains the lot numbers which were consumed in the process of creating the current lot. These may be lots with the same part number as the current lot, usually created by individual inventory transactions, or lots with different part numbers as in when a lot is created by a work order completion.

Part Number Contains the number of the part associated with the lot.

Desc Contains the part description associated with the lot.

Rev Contains the part revision associated with the lot.

Created Contains the date on which the associated lot record was created.

Expires Contains the date on which the associated lot record expires.

Lot# The number of the current lot record being displayed.

Part# The number of the part which identifies the items on the current lot.

Desc The first line of the part description as defined in the parts master.

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Version 8.10.57