# Lot Entry (LOT.E)

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# Sources

Source Date Contains the date on which the associated transaction posted a quantity to the lot record.

Source Qty The quantity posted to the lot on the associated date.

Source Cost Specifies the cost that was used when posting the items in the associated transaction. The lot cost is changed to account for these costs as they are posted by averaging.

Source Type This field contains a two digit code which defines the type of document associated with the posting to the lot record. For example, "WO" is work order etc.

Source.ID Contains the ID of the document associated with the transaction which posted to the lot.

Source Li The line item, if any, on the associated document that initiated the posting to the lot record.

Source Vendor If the associated transaction was a receipt from a purchase order (Type = "RC") then this field will contain the number of the vendor on the purchase order.

Source.Name Contains the name of the vendor on the purchase order for the items posted.

Source.Lot Contains the lot number from which the items on the associated transaction were taken. If the transaction was a receipt then this will be the vendor's lot number.

Source Loc The location from which the items were moved in the associated transaction.

Lot# The number of the current lot record being displayed.

Part# The number of the part which identifies the items on the current lot.

Desc The first line of the part description as defined in the parts master.

Version 8.10.57