# Field Service Order Entry (FSO.E)

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# Work Performed

Order No Contains the order number for display purposes only.

Serial No Contains the serial number for display purposes only.

Oper Li Enter the line item number of the operation being documented. This is usually entered as a sequential number beginning with one (1).

Operation Enter the operation code that identifies the operation performed.

Oper.Desc Enter the description of the operation performed. This will be loaded automatically when an operation code has been entered.

Oper Emp ID Enter the identification number of the employee who performed the operation. The system will automatically load the last employee number you entered, which you may change as required.

Service Code Enter the service code that identifies how and if this operation is to be billed, and if it is chargeable to the customer, OEM warranty, or an internal warranty.

Oper Rate Enter the rate at which this operation is to be charged to the customer. The system will load the rate based on the zone and service code entered. It may be changed as required.

Oper Hours Enter the number of hours to be charged against the operation. Partial hours are stated as a fraction of an hour. For example, one hour and fifteen minutes would be entered as 1.25 not 1:15.

Amount Shows the amount to be charged for the associated operation. This is calculated as the hours times the rate.

Total Hours Displays the total number of hours for all operations performed on the service order.

Labor Total Contains the sum of the labor amounts for each operation entered.

Version 8.10.57