# A/R Invoice Register (AR.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The AR.R1 procedure is used to print an invoice register of invoices and credit memos. The report selects all items issued for a selected period. The report may be sorted either by AR item (invoice/memo number) or by date. This sort option defaults based upon how the invoice number is assigned from shipments. If the invoice is sequentially assigned, the option defaults to 'I' (for AR item). If the shipment number is used as the AR item number, the option defaults to 'D' (date).

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

AR.Id The record ID of the item in the AR file.
Cust# The customer number on the AR item.
Customer.Name The name of the customer as it appears in the CUST file.
Inv.Date The date of the AR item.
Inv.Amount The total amount of the AR item.
Dist.Amount The total amount of the AR item, less freight and misc.
Freight.Amt The freight amount on the AR item.
Misc.Amount The total of all miscellaneous amounts on the AR item.
Sales.Tax The total sales tax amount. This figure is extracted from the miscellaneous amount field when the account number matches the sales tax account found in the AR.CONTROL entry.
St The current status of the AR item. (O=open, P=paid)

Version 8.10.57