# A/P Vendor Inquiry (VENDOR.Q)

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# Misc. Checks

Vendor Number (Misc Checks) The vendor number.

Vendor Name (Misc Checks) The vendor name.

Check Number (Misc Checks) The miscellaneous check number issued to this vendor.

Check Date The date the check was issued.

Check Amount (Misc Checks) The amount the check was issued for.

Disbursement Account (Misc Checks) The disbursement account the check was issued against.

Prepay? (Misc Checks) A "Y" will appear in this field if the check was issued as a prepay item.

Status The status of the referenced check: P = posted, C = Cleared,
S = stop payment, V = void.

Clear-Date (Misc Checks) The date the check was cleared.

Version 8.10.57