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Form Details
Form Details

The CHECKS.F5 procedure is used to print accounts payable checks on blank check stock. All records in the Prechecks file for a selected check run are selected for printing. After entering the check run number, the starting check number is entered.

Should it become necessary to re-print checks for a check run, due to a printer jam or the incorrect entry of the check number, reload the checks into the printer and enter the new starting check number. Before reprinting, use CHECKS.P1 to post the checks that were printed correctly. The checks that did not print correctly can be voided in CHECKS.E2 or deleted in CHECKS.E .

The actual Checks and AP files are not updated until the CHECKS.P1 posting process.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The creation of a check run through the AP.P1 process.

Data Fields

Vendor The name of the vendor to whom the check is being issued.
Invoice No The invoice number(s) being paid by this check.
Invoice Date The original invoice date(s).
Invoice Balance The balance due on the invoice before this check.
Amount Paid The amount of the invoice being paid by this check.
Discount Taken The amount of discount being taken for the invoice.
Net Check Amt The net amount(s) of each invoice being paid.
Check Date The date on which the check was issued.
Check Amount The total amount of the check.
Pay The amount being paid in words.
To the order of The name and address of the vendor being paid.

Version 8.10.57