# Create Commission Precheck Records (COMM.P3)

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Form Details
Form Details

The COMM.P3 procedure is used to create Precomm records which will be used to process and generate commission checks. One option is to select all commissions to be paid as of a specified cutoff date. A second option is to directly enter the commission items which are to be paid. All records created when this procedure is run are assigned to a check run number, which is used by supporting procedures such as the check printing process.

The Precomm file is a 'hold' file for processing a commission check run. Its' purpose is to allow the printing of checks in a 'work file'. This allows the re-printing of a check run, when required due to problems such as data entry error or printer jam, without having any affect on the COMM file until the checks are actually posted.

Any COMM items which are selected for payment are flagged so they will not be processed again.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Setup of the Commission Pay Account and Commission Expense Account field in ACCT.CONTROL procedure. It is highly recommended that the COMM.R4 report be run to give visibility to the commissions which would be selected by this process when the cutoff date is used.

Version 8.10.57