# Bill of Material Entry (BOM.E)

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The BOM.E procedure is used to enter new assemblies into the Bill of Material file (BOM), change existing records and delete records from the file.

The information contained in each record consists of the item numbers, part numbers, quantities, and reference designation information for each item on the assembly parts list. The revision of the assembly is also displayed and may be updated when appropriate. The revision is then written onto the corresponding PARTS file record. The where used file (WU) is updated for each of the component parts, and the low level codes are also recalculated if required through the bill of material structure as required.

If desired the user may create a new Bill of Material by loading the data from an existing record and making the appropriate changes. This is done by entering the part number of an existing Bill of Material at the prompt called "Master".

The Bills of Material may also be updated through the ECN process based on entries made in ECN.E and posted through ECN.P1 .

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As required.

Entry of Part records ( PARTS.E ).

Version 8.10.57