# Cost Rollover Process (COST.P2)

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Form Details

The COST.P2 procedure is used to rollover the standard costs in the COST file. The standard, or book costs, are moved into the previous cost fields and the current costs are moved into the standard cost fields. The current costs are not altered. The user may specify if accounting transactions are to be created to reflect any change in the inventory value as a result of a change in costs. The procedure determines this by checking the inventory files for the presence of an on-hand balance of the affected part and multiplying it by the difference between the current and standard costs.

Frequency of Use
The rollover process is usually run only once a year at the close of a fiscal year. It is also used during system implementation to initialize the standard costs after they have been entered into the system via the current cost fields with COST.E .

A cost rollup ( COST.P1 ) should always be performed prior to running this procedure.

Version 8.10.57