# Enter/Confirm RMA Receipts (RMAREC.E2)

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# Components

Comp Li The component line number.

Comp Part Contains the component part number of the item being received. This will automatically be generated using the bill of material for the phantom part.

Comp Desc The component part description for information only.

Comp Qty The component total quantity to be received. This is the sum of all the lot quantities.

Comp Invloc The location the component part will be received into. This is derived from the parent phantom part but can be changed as necessary.

Comp Lot Qty The quantity returned associated to the lot number(s). If the part is not lot controlled then this quantity will equal the return qty. This is defaulted from the phantom part bill of material but can be changed as necessary.

Comp Lot Number The lot number being returned if the component is lot controlled.

Comp Bin The bin number that will receive the part if the return location is bin controlled.

Comp Serial No Enter the component serial numbers.

Version 8.10.57