# RMA Entry (RMA.E)

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The RMA.E procedure is used to enter new RMAs into the system. An RMA identifies items that are scheduled to be returned by a customer. Several items of information concerning the items being returned may be entered in this procedure or may be deferred until the items are actually received using the RMAREC procedures. If the original shipment or sales order numbers are available they may be entered and optionally backordered. You also have the option of creating a credit memo based on receipt of the items.

The procedure contains two screens. One contains the header information which describes the terms and conditions of the RMA and which customer is involved. It also maintains information such as the original sales order and shipment numbers if these are available. The other contains the information about what is being returned and the reason for the return as well as the action to be taken. The system allows you to enter multiple sets of the data (line items) on the second screen.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Initialization of the marketing control record ( MRK.CONTROL ), and entry of the customer and terms records to be referenced. If the orders are for inventoried parts, the part number must exist on the Parts file and the inventory locations must exist on the Invloc file.

Version 8.10.57