# A/R Entry (AR.E)

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The AR.E procedure is used to enter or update Account Receivable records/invoices. In addtion to creating new invoices, records created from sales order shipments, RMA receipts or FSO records can be accessed and edited in this procedure. Invoices or credits created from CASH.E may also be viewed in this procedure but changes are not permitted to them.. If a change is required, the original cash record must be reversed or an offsetting AR record created.

There are two (2) screens available in the AR.E procedure. The first is the header screen. The header screen relates primarily to control information about the particular record. For memo or other miscel- laneous billings, the amount being invoiced or credited may be entered in the miscellaneous charges area, and the second detailed data entry screen need never be accessed. The second screen is for detail entry of part information. This data will already be present if the record was created by the shipping process.

When the record is filed, the following files are updated:

AR - The record is filed in the AR file
CUST - The open AR balance is updated
ARCUST - The AR / CUST cross reference is updated
ARREG - Register records are written for each account number
identified in the AR record for future posting to GL.

Changes made to invoices generated from another process do not update the original records upon which the invoice was based. For example, deleting an invoice generated from a shipment will not delete the shipper or re-open the sales order. Inventory is, also, not updated from this procedure.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of valid customers ( CUST.E ). Entry of valid general ledger account numbers ( GLCHART.E ). Entry of part numbers if they are to entered ( PARTS.E ).

Version 8.10.57