# Generate Recurring AR items (ARR.P1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The ARR.P1 procedure is used to create AR records for all eligible recurring accounts receivable items. An ARR record is eligible if an invoice is due to be created for a date prior to the selected cutoff date and the date fall within a valid and/or open fiscal period. If the date does not fall within a valid fiscal period, an error message will appear on the report. In order to generate future AR records against the recurring record, the recurring record must be updated via ARR.E . If you do not wish to generate future AR records, you can close the recurring record in ARR.E by changing the status to "C".

When executed, the open balance in the CUST file is updated, as well as ARREG records which are created for all amounts and account numbers.

Frequency of Use
Generally, this process is run on a monthly basis. However, it may be run more frequently if required.

Recurring accounts receivable records must have been created through the ARR.E procedure.

Version 8.10.57